I am tense during sex, cannot satisfy my husband

May 6, 2009

*** QUESTION ***

I am newly married, always tense and worried during sex because
I find sex painful, so I cannot get involved and satisfy my husband
even for five mins.

RM, Female, 26 years, from Tamil Nadu, India


When intercourse is painful for a woman, all she thinks about during
sex is the PAIN. It’s very difficult for her to relax and get into
an erotic mood, or to feel the desire to give her partner pleasure.

Discuss this frankly with your husband. Here are two of my past
newsletters related to your situation.

Pain during intercourse: http://tinyurl.com/dxqk4b
How to make love to a virgin: http://tinyurl.com/cbhmjp

I suggest you read them together and implement some of my tips.
If pain during intercourse still persists, please see a doctor.


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